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Maintenance Division

Allow our team of mobile maintenance technicians to support your business by accommodating all maintenance operations allowing you to focus on your priorities. Our team is available 24 hours a day and is trained to seamlessly work without interrupting your usual work flow.

Our long or short-term maintenance works include:

  • General and complete renovation of Commercial and Residential properties including apartments, offices, villas, warehouses in Dubai and more
  • Water proofing the interiors and systems including repairs from previous damages and newly installing accessories
  • Repair on any damages on walls, ceilings and other fixtures
  • General internal and external painting for both masonry and wood surfaces available in a comprehensive color palette and design
  • Maintenance for all plumbing and sewerage issues
  • Installation of electrical fixtures as well as repairs
  • Servicing and repair of air conditioners – split, central or window units.
  • General carpentry including partitions, false ceilings, interior furnishing, frameworks and more.

Our general cleaning services include:

  • Mopping, cleaning, scrubbing, vacuuming and polishing of hard, stone, carpeted and wooden floors.
  • Cleaning complete interiors and exteriors of most residential and commercial properties including recreations centres, clubhouses, gymnasium, squash and tennis courts
  • Air pressure water and steam cleaning, degreasing of workshop equipment, garages, factories, workshops and more
  • Swimming pool maintenance including testing of chemical agents and water purity

We also provide watchmen and security personnel for both commercial and residential properties. A 24 hours dedicated help desk and control centre facility is at your disposal for any emergencies or enquires. Every call is important to us whether you are our repeat client or single customer and therefore we handle each call with the same level of commitment.